Magnet AXIOM Now Supports Signal Forensics

Encrypted chat apps can be some of the hardest nuts to crack — especially when someone is trying to cover their tracks in advance — but they can also be vitally important to an investigation. Signal is a popular chat… Read more

Magnet Forensics Portable Case Part Two – How To

In part one of our Portable Case series, our Director of Forensics, Jessica Hyde, took a look at the features and benefits of Portable Case. She highlighted the power of real-time collaboration with multiple stakeholders and having all the feedback… Read more

Magnet AXIOM 1.0.10 Now Lets You Decrypt iOS 10.2 iTunes Backups

New version also includes faster PhotoDNA processing, and support for KakaoTalk and Zalo. Magnet AXIOM 1.0.10 is now available for download!AXIOM 1.0.10 will give users: – Decryption of iOS 10.2 iTunes Backups — We’re always working on giving investigators the… Read more

Deep Dive On Portable Case Part One

One of the most important parts of the forensic process is reporting and collaborating on findings. Magnet Forensics has built Portable Case, a feature of Magnet AXIOM and Magnet IEF to help foster that collaboration and make it more integrated,… Read more

Using Keywords With Magnet AXIOM

Keywords are an essential part of many forensic examinations. While running keyword lists shouldn’t be the extent of an investigation, the right keyword list can help examiners quickly get to the relevant evidence for their case. Magnet AXIOM allows examiners… Read more

Magnet AXIOM 1.0.9 Brings Improved Reporting and iCloud Backups

Including Parsing iCloud Backups, Sorting in Multi-Artifact View, New Exporting Options, Artifact Support, and More. Customer feedback is essential to maintain the quality of our products. We’ve been able to incorporate customer input on the features they are looking… Read more

The Top Five New Features in Magnet AXIOM 1.0.8

File System Keyword Search, iTunes 10.1.1 Backup Decryption Torrent Artifact Support, and more The newest version of Magnet AXIOM has just been released. AXIOM 1.0.8 adds important new features for digital forensics examiners and investigators. We wanted to highlight some… Read more

A Deeper Look at Magnet AXIOM’s Improved Hashing

By Jamie McQuaid, Forensic Consultant at Magnet Forensics One of the most obvious benefits of Magnet AXIOM is the access to the entire file system, as well as the hundreds of artifact types that the Magnet Forensics parsing and carving… Read more