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Anecdotes for attorney CLE presentation?  

Junior Member

I am presenting to roughly 75 attorneys (mostly civil, tort, etc. but some criminal) in early May and am looking for anecdotes that may help illustrate how to use computer/mobile forensics in "real-world" cases. I believe this is one good way to keep the audience interested and to help them relate forensic possibilities to their cases.

Can you share with me (on this forum or offline) any good cases, anecdotes, summaries, briefs, etc. that you find useful when speaking with attorneys? Some examples are

- Family law/civil cases where key loggers are used. I have several interesting cases and points along these lines

- landmark cases such as Qualcomm v. Broadcom, Zubulake v. UBS Warburg, etc.

- Employment termination, discrimination, etc. stories

Thanks for anything you might contribute in this effort. As I have done in other cases, I will be happy to distribute the presentation to anyone then interested.

Posted : 15/04/2009 1:39 am