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Heyhi, I am a student, taking classes online still when I came across something new to me. I was practicing some skills I learned on some old, personal mobile phones I own, and I was reviewing the clipboard history, and every single clipping that was on clipboard was this,


It was copied at least ten times. It was the only thing that was on this particular clipboard history. Could someone be able to decipher this for me, if possible? Is it unique enough to understand why this particular sequence was so important to make sure it copied? Is this considered a 32base? Or is it based?

I am here to learn!


Posted : 21/03/2024 5:33 pm
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It looks like it's a hash value. I used and it states it's an MD5 hash. Not sure what the reasoning for it is, but just wanted to chime that in!

Posted : 22/03/2024 10:50 pm