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Cloud user needs/requirements  

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I am a third year forensic computing student and for the topic of my project i have chosen to create a technical documentation of a specific (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC)) cloud implementation.

The implementation I have chosen is a private cloud providing a platform as a service, I chose to use UEC because it is open source, relatively simple in comparison to other cloud infrastructures and it is powered by EUCALYPTUS which is a cloud that has been specifically designed for academic experimentation and investigation.

I am now in the process of creating a list of user needs/requirements for the technical documentation that I intend to create, the user in this scenario will be a forensic investigator tasked with investigating a cloud. The purpose of my documentation is to provide information that the investigator will find useful. I am asking you, the forensic community at large for any suggestions as to what information you would find useful in such a scenario, I would be very grateful for any input that you may have.

Posted : 06/12/2011 6:32 pm