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Comprehensive User Manual  

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Hi Guys,

I am half way through my final year working on my Project. My Project involves investigating internet browser artefacts from four major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) in both a "normal" browsing mode and "InPrivate" browsing mode.

After some feedback and discussions with my supervisor, I have been advised to make a "Comprehensive User Manual" aimed at fellow investigators for the purpose of investigating Internet Browser artefacts.

So I have been looking at the different sections that I could include in my manual which could be particularly useful.. So far I have the following sections

–> Introduction
–> Explanation of Internet Browsers
–> Explanation of Artefacts (In Detail)
–> Investigative Procedures
–> Suggested Expert Testimony Slides/Explanations

I was wondering whether there were any other sections that you would think should be important for me to include/cover in my manual.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Posted : 24/01/2011 8:42 pm