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Cryptocurrency Investigations and the Organised Crime Group

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Hi All,

By way of introduction, my name is Carla Aguiar and I am a Serious and Organised Crime Investigator undertaking an MSc in Cyber Security. I am in the final stages of my degree, and I am completing research into cryptocurrencies and the reach of Organised Crime Groups into public services. My thesis is entitled ‘Cryptocurrency Investigations: An empirical study of the modern Organised Crime Group and their reach inside public services.’

The study’s primary focus is Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) fraudulently obtaining public money and utilising blockchain technology to launder money into digital currencies, cryptocurrency.

I would be grateful if you could complete this SURVEY, which will develop research in this area. If you have any colleagues or contacts that you feel would also be interested in undertaking this survey please can you share where appropriate.

If you would like to discuss my research in further detail please contact me at

Thank you very much for your participation,

Kind regards, 

Carla Aguiar