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Hello all,

I am currently employed in what can only be called an ISP. We deal in all sorts of things, S.E.O. Hosting, domain names etc.

For a while I have been looking for a new job. I have been interested in computer forensics for quite some time, but I do not have any kind of formal training.

I have sent out a few C.V.s to companies around my area…[the North West / Manchester], but haven’t had any feedback.

Is the community able to give me any tips or advice on increasing the chances of getting a job in the field? I feel that I have a great set of skills in many different areas, but not in any one sector…”Jack of all trades, master of none” as the saying goes.

I thought about the prospect of some kind of placement scheme or ‘apprenticeship’ but there do not seem to be many such things out there. Although I am based in central Manchester, I would move if I thought the right job came to be.


Posted : 05/05/2006 4:54 pm
New Member

In case you are able to solve in a short time a lot of different and very specific problems, eg. firewall log analysis, then data recovery, then history of database records, then… etc., etc., you are the right person for computer forensic job, you have a right dispositions for this job.
But all this should be covered by forensic skills. Computer Forensics gives you the right methodology for this kind of job, so you should have some (computer) forensic training (the best is to pass training course + to have some small practice… ))
… after 15 years of my computer forensic job I have the similar experience it seems like I am an expert, but really I do not know any IT area in detail. But I am able to solve a different and very specific problems at a relative good level in a short time. Is it enough?

Posted : 02/06/2006 2:23 am
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As someone who works in computer forensics and came from the IT industry I would say your best chance will be with the Police or perhaps the newly formed SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency), who are based in various locations throughout the UK. Police forces mostly hire civilian examiners as well as Police Officers, who are then trained to do the same job. You would get recruited based on your ability to meet the criteria and would not necessarily need previous experience. You would also get trained to a good standard and gain experience of the investigation side of the work too.

Good areas to become knowledgable would be disk geometry, knowing windows in great depth and if posible an understanding of things from a binary/hex level. If you are good with Unix or Linux then these things will help you also. Alternatively if you are a bit of a Mac guru then you could well fill a gap for a hi-tech crime unit.

Be aware also that any work you do on child protection investigations will result in you having to view material that many people would never want to see in their lives. On the good side you will have opportunity to trace and identify unknown victims in this work and actually save lives…litterally.

Good luck in your search. If you are able and prepared to be patient then staying in IT is only going to add to what you could bring your next employer as a forensic examiner.


Posted : 02/06/2006 5:58 pm