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Experts Needed for Study on Digital Forensic Model Elements  

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I have received permission to post this on here for recruiting experts. I am trying to recruit 30 experts in digital forensics for my study to complete my degree at Capella University. I am researching the required elements/phases needed for a widely adoptable digital forensic model. Basically figuring out what is absolutely essential to address in every exam you do, even if it may not apply in every situation (such as write-blocking). I will be conducting a Delphi study which basically means there will be at least 3 rounds of surveys (maybe more) until the group comes to a consensus on the required elements. This study is limited to just the elements in order to make it manageable and perhaps to eventually build a model from the study. I also had to limit the experts to members in the United States so everyone has a similar legal background and make it manageable. Participation will be anonymous and kept that way. There is also a consent form you will have to read before the online survey starts.

If you are interested, please email me. Once I have enough people to get started, I will email you a link to the survey (round 1 of at least 3). I anticipate keeping each round of surveys to less than 60 minutes although it may take much less time if you already have an idea of what elements/phases you already utilize. In the later rounds of the survey you will be narrowing down the elements chosen by the entire expert panel.

Participation involves meeting the study's minimum requirements as a computer forensic expert in the United States. To be eligible as a participant you must have
• At least five years of experience in government or private sector field of digital forensics
• Testified in court (actual or moot)
• Testified as an expert witness or qualifies as an expert under Rule 702
• Completed a digital forensic training course as part of examiner certification

Pass this on to anyone else you think may be interested in participating.

If you wish to participate, please contact me at [email protected] Your help is very much appreciated!

Posted : 02/02/2019 3:27 am