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International Comms. Data & Digital Forensics Seminar 2012

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Posted with permission, this event is funded by UK Government and Sponsorship. Any profits go back into the following years seminar.
International Communications Data & Digital Forensics Seminar(ICDDF 2012)
When March 26, 2012 at 830 AM - March 27, 2012 at 1130 AM
Where Heathrow Marriott Hotel, London

The Home Office Data Communications Group (DCG) in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are together hosting a seminar incorporating

- Mobile Phone Forensics
- Computer Forensics
- Audio Forensics
- Video Forensics
- Cell Site Analysis
- Communications Data

This is an event for LEA, Government Departments and Trusted Industry Partners.


Please note that the cost of this seminar is £120. This includes the seminar, accommodation, refreshments, evening meal, trade fair, networking events and an evening’s entertainment.

Keynote Speakers



Please e-mail the MPS Events Team for Registration Instructions


- Blackberry Forensics
- Decontamination of bloody cell phones
- Android Forensics
- Smartphone app forensics
- Sony Ericsson wear-levelling explained
- Windows 7 forensics
- Windows mobile forensics
- Live IP Network Forensics
- RAM Acquisition and Analysis
- SQLite Forensics
- Digital Forensic Case Studies
- Data Triaging Techniques
- Digital device security
- Intelligence Capability and Emerging Threats from e-Criminals
- GPS / GSM jamming and spoofing
- Cell site analysis case study
- Camera Sensor Noise
- Near Field Communications and Mobile Payments
- Encryption
- Wi-Fi
- Femto cells
- Hiding on the Internet and crimes in virtual worlds
- Emerging technologies impact on LEA
- The risks and opportunities offered by new products and services
- GSM evolved 3G. LTE and beyond
- LTE – Where are we today?

(Presentations are subject to change)

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