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PGD files 🙁  

Junior Member

Hello All,
I am a newbie to digital forensics and havent found any article about the steps i should take after cloning of a suspect hard-disk
I would like to know what software are suited for examining?

Secondly I have got a disk as an assignment and i have found PGD files in it. Any one with any idea how to view these files?
I guess these are PGP Disk Files but not sure about it?

If they are is there any tool to find out the encryption key??

well i hope u people will help me


Posted : 31/10/2005 12:15 pm
Senior Member

There are a lot of threads on examining tools in the forums; EnCase is the most widely used (but most expensive), Access FTK is also good and you should take a look at WinHex - the basic version is free. There's plenty of good free stuff aorund especially if you use Linux.

Use http// to find file extensions. PGD is explained there.

Maybe your 'suspect' has left the encryption key in plain text in a Word document or email? Those are the easiet places to begin your search.

Posted : 31/10/2005 2:25 pm