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Anyone here work for the RCMP?  

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I currently plan on getting into Forensics with the RCMP if/when the time comes. I currently am a graduate student in High School and plan on attending the University of New Brunswick next year to attain my Degree in Computer Science, then apply to the RCMP and see what happens from there. Based on your opinion, and knowledge, do you think this is a reasonable plan? I was already talking to a guy in the Tech Crime unit out of Fredericton and this was his suggest, so what is yours?

Posted : 27/04/2005 3:21 am
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It sounds as if you have received good advice, and I can't add to it. I did however want to comment on what a distinguished organization the RCMP is. Particularly in the area of computer forensics. I have also had experience with some examiners from the Ontario Provincial police and can say the same about them. I think you've got some good options there, good luck.

Posted : 27/04/2005 2:25 pm
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Yes, I read an article where some team within the Ontario Provincial Police have developed a method of finding exploited children through removing them from the picture, and editing it to create a whole picture of the room. Pretty ingenious and it help discover a girl that was in the news a short time ago in Flordia that was abducted, anyways it helps because they are able to release the edited image and allow lots of people to see it, and perhaps someone might reconise the place if it is a hotel room or something. A pretty ingenious idea, if you ask me.

Posted : 27/04/2005 4:48 pm
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Posted : 27/04/2005 5:05 pm