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DeVry's CIS program w/ CF emphasis  

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I'm student at DeVry Online. I need to decide on a major very soon. I'm thinking about their CIS program, which offers an emphasis in CF. But I'm not sure whether the program will actually help me land that crucial entry-level job with a CF-type company. Below are the 4 CF courses. What do you think? Should I go for broke, take these courses, and hope for the best, or should I take what may be a safer route and choose a different emphasis (e.g. Infosec), with the intention of entering the CF field from there later? Please offer your valuable opinion.

Digital Crime Evidence and Procedure
This course introduces basic legal concepts and evidentiary procedures
for investigating criminal activity involving computers and computerbased
systems. Students explore practical application of law and legal
procedures in the digital age.

Computer Ethics
This course explores the nature and social impact of computer
technology, as well as the corresponding formulation and justification
of governmental and organizational policies for ethical uses of such
technology. Addressed are legal, ethical and sociological concerns about
the ubiquity of computer software and hardware, as well as concerns
about the proliferation and pervasive nature of computer networks.

Digital Forensics 1 w/ Lab
This course introduces the study of forensics by outlining integrative
aspects of the discipline with those of other sciences. Coursework
focuses on applying basic forensic techniques used to investigate illegal
and unethical activity within a PC or local area network (LAN) environment
and then resolving related issues.

Digital Forensics 2 w/ Lab
This course builds on forensic computer techniques introduced in
CCSI-410, focusing on advanced investigative techniques to track leads
over local and wide area networks, including international computer

Posted : 02/01/2007 11:07 pm