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😯 Trying to convience the bank to lend me a little to complete my training and pay for that test for the CCE, This venture into CF is quickly gettin REALLY expensive not to mention the prices of E&O insurance.
There's one part of freelance CF i haven't explored yet, and I was wondering if anyone here has been sucessful in securing any work from their state or even the federal government, I know there are procurment certifications you need to meet for this, i was just wondering if anyone has done it…

Thanks in advance…

Posted : 21/12/2006 3:07 am
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I get quite a bit of work from the Govt, but it's on the defense side, and based on a few rulings lately it is making it harder and harder to get images from the Feds so that will slow down everyone who is doing that work.

Why get the CCE? I have yet to see one person get work over another because of having a CCE or any other cert. Do it when you get the money from working on cases.

Don't know about the bank and loaning money out, with no client base built up and really like all of us, no guarantee of any more business ever coming in I would say it's a low % chance. Can't hurt to try though. Might help when you apply for the loan to let them know the dongles and software can be turned around pretty quickly for cash, they like to hear that type of thing.

Posted : 21/12/2006 4:49 am