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Getting Into eDiscovery as a Freelancer/Consultant  

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I'm new to this forum. I hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions.

I own a small IT consulting and management firm that serves the small to mid-sized business market. For a couple of years, small legal practices have asked me to do some eDiscovery work for them. I have always declined, saying that while I was interested in that line of work, I needed to learn more about it.

For the past couple of years, I've been reading through journals like the eDiscovery Journal from eDJ Group and mulling over the idea of getting into eDiscovery. Much of the consulting and management I do revolves around IT security and compliance, and I believe that some of the forensic tools I use for vulnerability testing and data recovery (wireshark, nmap, ncat, etc) are used in your industry.

Recently, I spoke with a lawyer (who was again asking if I do eDiscovery), and she said that all I needed to do was make sure my credentials were commensurate with the average level common to the field. My first question is What is the typical sort of credentials common to an eDiscovery consultant or expert witness?

I've seen a number of consultants have a CEDS certification. Is this certification considered industry standard? Is it useful?

I am looking to round out my understanding of eDiscovery (to make sure I'm familiar with all of the tools and processes). Is there a good source of training that I could complete in under two months if I worked hard at it?

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 12/09/2014 5:57 am