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Major drop in overtime pay for Police Staff in the UK  

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I'm sure there are many police staff on here working for a HTCU at some capacity that this will affect. (however, if you're a cop you are safe from the cuts!)

I'm wondering if this is as well known across the UK as its not been greatly advertised by the unions (UNISON) It should be coming into affect by the end of the year.

I'm sure most of the people here in the public sector do plenty of OT, possibly rely on it and work it on a goodwill basis.

I know there isn't much we can do about it, but it certainly make the divide of "Them" and "Us" bigger when working side by side with the warranted officers. Its a great shame its come to this. Its going to affect a lot of people.

Well done Tom Winsor! evil

Posted : 22/09/2016 12:45 pm
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In fairness Winsor has done a massive amount of harm to Officers too - maybe more than to Staff to date. Do you have an article you can quote? I haven't heard anything about this.

Posted : 20/10/2016 2:43 pm
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I too would be curious to see any article published on this

Posted : 20/10/2016 10:46 pm
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I'd be interested to see anything on this also. I'd imagine it would have a significant impact on the OT that's done in our office if the hourly rate was reduced for 'civvies'.

Posted : 21/10/2016 1:26 am