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Hey guys,

I finally stopped lurking here and decided to join the site. How can i hope for more activity on the site when I wasnt even signed up myself?

I am looking to get into doing some sort of forensic work, but do not know where to start. I suppose its best to start with some questions and go from there. Firstly, Ive noticed that any jobs on or the other large sites dealing with forensics are mainly system and network security jobs with a little blurb about forensics tacked on. These types of positions are not entry level. Where would someone get an entry level job in forensics? I know I am assuming that there is such a thing, or am I wrong? Is forensics something that a security professional works their way up to?

A little background on myself is that i am in my early 20s, with a bachelors degree. I have had a few jobs as a technician but they are hardly satisfying. I feel that forensics would offer me a much more rewarding career. What is the best way to break into this area?

I know that certain community colleges are offering this as an associates program, but I am not sure about how intense the curriculum would be. I am considering it mostly for the hands on experience with proprietary software that is out of my range $$ wise like encase, but also for the networking aspect.

I guess thats all for now. Im looking forward to being part of a community focused on forensics. This is the best one I have seen so far

Posted : 10/11/2005 8:04 am
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Welcome to the forum, you’ll find plenty of resources and people eager to help. And I wish I could answer you question about breaking into the industry, its something I’m trying to find out!

Posted : 10/11/2005 2:51 pm