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I am a beginner!freelancer.I began to work for the Centre for Combating Cyber Crimes,Moldova!
To prove my skills and legality of decisions,I must hold certifications!of the reason that my state is poor I seek only free courses,currently you think about this website is enough to go to court with open chest?!Thanks to everyone

Posted : 28/11/2016 10:41 pm
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Welcome to the world of digital forensics.

Here are some free sources for digital forensic software and training


Download the help manual and follow each step.

You should download the ISO file and burn DEFT to a USB drive for you to use as you study the DEFT help manual.

You will learn a lot by following the help manual and also arm yourself with lots of free forensic tools.


This site has links to free forensic tools and training.


This is the SANS Youtube channel with many detailed instructional forensic videos.

In terms of testifying in court, here are my recommendations

1) Independence Your responses to questions about your work should always be the same no matter who asks you a question.

2) Scientific basis Your work must be 100% replicable by a qualified peer.

3) Plain explanations Assume that the judge and jury are all brilliant in their own fields but not in digital forensics. Therefore, if the judge and jury fail to understand your testimony, it is due to your inability to explain your work and findings in simple terms.

I believe the least expensive digital forensics certification available currently is from Passmark for their OSForensics software. The software OSForensics is US $899.00 and training and certification is US $498.00.

It is also critical to document all of your forensic work performed including chain of custody documentation, software and hard ware tools used including version numbers, and your analysis steps in a meticulous fashion.

I am a big fan of Microsoft's free Snipping Tool ( which I use to capture the work I am performing. As I begin my work, I will open a Microsoft Word file and type in my name, today's date and time, the name of the case I am working on, the type of evidence I am working on, the software and version of the tools I am using. I then will use Snipping Tool to create screen captures of my work and paste them into the Word file. This is an easy method to document one's work.

Posted : 28/11/2016 11:29 pm
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With watery eyesand bowing I say thank you, thank you very much for help and guidance! UnallocatedClusters!

Posted : 28/11/2016 11:57 pm