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I was recently offered a digital forensic examiner role. I've been working towards the role for upwards of 3 years. I got a first class degree in the subject and distinction on my masters degree. I was offered a measly 21k (£). I really didn't want to turn it down but i'm currently on 40k working in digital security and it didn't make financial sense for me to lose 19k.

Are there any forensic jobs in the UK that have salaries over 21k for people just getting into forensics? It seems almost insulting however you justify it that they pay so low. Prior to this, I was offered 18k for private sector forensics.

I thought you guys might be able to give an insight into this.

Posted : 25/01/2016 9:01 pm
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I thought you guys might be able to give an insight into this.

Not exactly an answer to what you asked, but there is a related thread here


Posted : 25/01/2016 10:37 pm
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Depends. Assuming you are talking about jobs in West Yorkshire (going on your profile) - you don't mention whether current Security employer is private or public sector or whether your prospective CF job is a private entity or public/police.

Ultimately CF jobs tend to be much worse paid than Computer Security jobs, especially outside London. For CF employers it's something of a buyer's market, particularly at graduate or newbie type posts where there will be quite a lot of candidates (whether they have your qualifications/experience or not is another question).

If money is what matters to you, stay doing what you're doing. CF won't make you rich (unless you set up your own successful consultancy or start doing ED work, urgh).

Posted : 26/01/2016 3:16 pm