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2024 NewBorn TUC TotalUnknownCriminal

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Hold your horses. We are police, not cracy.

In a national reserach project we got the order to think about how a future unborn human could become from birth totally and completely unknown (digitally).

#1 never a picture

#2 never a voice-print

#3 never a location

#4 TUC - highly dangerous on DW

Criminals on FF, see we prepare for you. Ur reaction?


Topic starter Posted : 01/05/2022 9:47 am
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As newborn babies can lose their pricacy before birth due to family lucky cards and social media, we expect a negavitvely increasing amount of PII rises up to a age of e.g. 10 years. The inflection point to become criminal may fall in the late-teenager years. A huge amount of work to digitally cleanup for this willingly becoming TUC occurs.

#q 1 is AI possible to render from birth up to age of 14 years (prox. age of TUC entry)?

#q2 is it possible to reverse cleanup back from 14 years to pre-birthday?

#q3 can kids-intelligence-related hidding ideas trick-us out of early discover a TUC?

Any out having the courage to share insights?

Topic starter Posted : 02/05/2022 12:10 pm
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