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Analysis from CSIS: the Digital Evidence Challenge  

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I was surprised to find Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to have published an analysis report on digital forensics.


for a summary and download link. They basically call for a 'National Digital Evidence Office' and some additional activity.

One item pointed to a split in responsibilities in 'ordinary' forensics that isn't always observed in digital forensics

“Every officer and agent is expected to have a basic knowledge of how to collect, preserve, and utilize fingerprints and DNA as evidence. But every officer is not expected to be able to analyze or interpret the evidence—that is the job of specialists and specialized labs. The same should be true of digital evidence.”

as well as the need to build and expand that level of expertise. (It doesn't strike me as particularly low-hanging fruit, but it was interesting to see it mentioned.)

Posted : 05/08/2018 7:04 pm