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Another case droppe...
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Another case dropped late......  

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Surrey Police said it "deeply regrets mistakes made in the efficacy of investigations".

A spokesperson admitted there were "flaws in the initial investigation", during which the victim's digital media went unexamined.

Officers did not follow "what we would consider to be a reasonable line of enquiry", they added,


Posted : 19/01/2018 2:47 pm
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And seemingly Judge Black didn't take it lightly

Judge Jonathan Black demanded the head of the CPS Rape and Sexual Offences (RASO) unit write to him within 28 days "with a full explanation of what went wrong" before he decides whether any action is required "at CPS or police level".

He said "It seems to me in a case which is as finely balanced as you say it was, there have been unnecessary delays in investigating… leading to what seems to be a completely unnecessary last-minute decision in this case.

"Both Oliver Mears and the complainant have had this matter hanging over their heads for two years in circumstances, had the investigation been carried out properly in the first instance, would not have led to this position."


Posted : 19/01/2018 6:47 pm