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Another message on switching from IT dvlpmt to Forensics  

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This message concerns switching from IT development to Forensics.

I would appreciate an advice and referrals to a place in the Los Angeles area where I could utilize my qualifications. (Direct referral, no 3rd parties, please).

I have worked for more than 15 years in the IT industry, in a technical capacity, as well as in project management, including Litigation Consulting (I have Master's Degree).
Several years ago I went to law school in California. Not to practice, but to change the direction of my career, combining technology, management, and law. So Electronic Evidence Discovery/Forensics, Litigation Consulting/Research, would describe this combination. That is my objective.

The following is the summary of my qualifications:

· Master's in Electronic Technology.
· 2 years of Law School education (in California), specifically to add consulting in legal profession to my experience.
· More than 15 years in leading and consulting positions with projects throughout the US.
· Excellent ability to communicate effectively (in both written and verbal formats) at all levels, including attorneys and clients.
· Experience in training technical and non-technical personnel.

Resume is available on request.
(Residing in Los Angeles)
Would appreciate referrals.

Posted : 24/03/2005 7:03 am