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Assistance needed with Kyocera (Android Feature Phone) Model S2720

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Dear members,

I am doing a forensic recovery of a device belonging to a suicide victim.  I require some assistance since my normal toolset is not functioning with this phone.  Ordinarily, I would make use of Access Data Mobile Phone Examiner, but this product has been discontinued and although I got it temporarily relicensed, it does not have a profile for this model of Kyocera phone.  The device appears to run android, although because it is modeled after a "feature phone" and not a "smart phone" I am struggling to retrieve SMS, Phone book, media and SIM data (basically anything). 

Does anyone here have experience or advice for me as to how to retrieve information from the phone without manually having to copy everything by hand?  The data is readily available, and device encryption has not been established on the device.  I prefer open source tools where possible so that I do not need to go acquire a license.  If this is not available, perhaps there is a low-cost tool online that may work.  I have already tried one or two which did not seem to work belonging to "coolmuster" (both the android and mobile lab products).

Thank you in advance. This is somewhat urgent.


Posted : 02/08/2020 5:45 pm
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It's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 based device. Put it in EDL mode and made a physical acquisition of it using your favourite software.

Posted : 17/08/2020 9:26 pm