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Automated iSCSI targets

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iscsi-targets - a Python script that automatically creates iSCSI targets for all drives except for a boot device. We (Atola) released it yesterday.

- To save you time filling in the case details, the script ensures that the iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) of each iSCSI target includes the drive model and serial number.
- When you add such an iSCSI target as a source drive in Atola imagers, the imager software pulls the drive model and serial number from the IQN in a case.
- Not necessarily you expose all drives, you can also specify a block device as a script argument to create an iSCSI target for it.

Tested on a bunch of Linux distros:
- latest Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL
- older CentOS versions
- DFIR images, including: Sumuri Paladin, Tsurugi Linux, Caine Linux

Posted : 17/05/2024 8:01 am