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Blackphone aka Fort Knox

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Meet Blackphone, an encrypted Android handset as secure as Fort Knox! supposedly

"The Blackphone, an Android software-based mobile which encrypts texts, voice calls and video chats + more is displayed after being launched during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 24, 2014. Following the Edward Snowden snooping revelations, there is growing interest in a range of mobile phone products with one central selling point privacy."


Looks like we could be in for a rough ride!? What do you guys think!?

Posted : 25/02/2014 10:22 pm
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Hi I totally agree.

It will be interesting to examine this phone under current forensic tools…

What do you think?

Posted : 09/03/2014 11:10 pm
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Hi Guys

I contacted Blackphone to provide data for student review in writing a research paper.

but they didn't provide any data. they said they

On Monday, March 10, 2014 655 PM, Amber Lammers <[email protected]> wrote
Thank you for your question. We will address it via the website at in the coming days, though it’s possible we may not have answered your precise question quite yet. Please bear with us as we respond to the overwhelming interest in the phone, and thank you for your interest in Blackphone!
Amber Lammers
Customer Support Representative
Silent Circle
Global Encrypted Communications
120 Waterfront St., Suite 420
National Harbor, MD 20745
Silent phone 1-567-257-2758 (Support)
Silent text support1

Wish i could write a research paper on examination of blackphone and boeing phone under forensic tools …
i am a student of Computer Engineering.

Posted : 12/03/2014 9:56 pm
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they said they

With all due respect ) , it seems to me that the reply you posted is not the original, I casually happen to have (just made up one 😯 ) the version before the "political correct" translation

Dear Mr. Kashif,
my name is not Amber Lammers, my name is "Autoresponder model T32", but I have been programmed by Ms. Lammers to reply to you on her behalf, so it's OK.
Our business is to sell secure phones, as a matter of fact we are waiting for "blanket" orders for a non-existing phone that we are (hopefully) starting to produce (actually the Spanish guys will take care of that).
We are giving away a US$ 1,500 value for a mere US$629 (to this you will need to add some VAT, taxes and the actual packaging, handling and shipping as we haven't yet worked out how much are these costs for each country).
Orders will be shipped not before June 2014.
Please, place an order first, that is what we expect you to do.
Please, don't ask us questions, and particularly technical questions, we have some serious business to do.
Thank you very much for your interest in the blackphone, why don't you order one now?
Amber Lammers (Autoresponder model T32)



Posted : 12/03/2014 11:13 pm
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In my opinion, it's not exciting at all. From what their website says, it's a standard Android handset shipped with some preinstalled apps
No virtualization, micro kernel layer or something, no difference to any other contemporary smartphone after it's been configured to use an encrypting messenger app, VPN and file(system) encryption or encrypted containers. The improvement is to bring a consumer product close to an enterprise grade setup.

Posted : 13/03/2014 1:13 am
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In my opinion, it's not exciting at all.

Yes. )
Besides the "Silent Circle" apps, it seems like it has a "special", "anonymized" more than "secure" Android, called PrivatOS
but the hardware (at least the scarce info provided)
seems to me like "plain enough".
I mean, from the data provided, it seems to me like they are selling a "hardware+software" bundle in which the hardware means nothing (i.e. it seems like the Privete OS and the Silent Circle tools/apps could b erun on *any* common Android smartphone hardware).


Posted : 13/03/2014 3:46 pm
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