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BMW-vs-Benz Car Forensics

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If you focus on the Benz you recognize that heavily damaged. But

- Which Benz model do you recognize (036)?
- Which BMW model do you figure out?
- What action caused the crash (001)
- Try to find more public sources about the crash
- At which traffic light the drag race started?
- Find out location with Google Maps longitude/latitude of the scene
- Which car was alleged in front or at least similar?
- Which ADAS did at least try to take over (053)?
- Which tyre dimensions do you visually figure out (e.g. 255)?
- What age do you estimate based on the model and km-counter?
- Is the electronics still running (static vs dynamic Visual Data (112)?
- Whithin what speed range works the Distronic (-Plus)? intro here
- Where in Benz is the zFAS (analog Audi)?
- Which data is in-car, at-BenzFab?
- Which inter-car data is looged in the BMW (envolved sensors/cams)?
- How did the eCall get out?

Try to learn Car Forensics on real situations. Could also be a terror situation.

Posted : 16/03/2018 11:33 pm
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