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Call For Assistance: Funding Opportunities  

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Greetings All,

I have been tasked by my agency to develop a digital forensics section. I work for a state agency with a focus in white collar crime and public corruption. I am interested in finding as many funding resources as possible to get things started. I do not anticipate pursuing ICAC material as a primary focus, but we are prepared to go down that road as situations dictate.

We’ve already checked under the cushions in the interview room and shook down the snack room fund and came up with just over $2.35. Now it’s time to find those cash cows grazing in the fields. Does anyone have a current list of grants and funding resources to help fund training, hardware, software, personnel, and additional resources?

Thanks in Advance,

SA Dave Trudel

Posted : 19/05/2012 8:45 pm