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Can Cellebrite UFED be used to decrypt secure folders on Galaxy S21?

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A forensic investigator I know stated, "Even with UFED, it may not be possible to decrypt secure folders after Galaxy S21, even with Live extraction formats such as QualcomLive, ExynosLive, etc. or full file system extraction formats for Exynos chip targets. He stated, "There is a possibility.
He also stated that "it does not matter what kind of CPU you have, and KnoxVaut may be affected.
Is this true?

Posted : 26/08/2023 3:09 pm
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Depending on the firmware, and used tool, it may be required to manually unlock secure folder before starting live extractions (via smart flow, or exynos live, qualcomm live). If secure folder gets unlocked, all of those methods will also dump the content of decrypted secure folder.

Posted : 29/08/2023 9:53 pm
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Even if the secure folder is unlocked once after the S21 is activated,
If the screen lock is engaged, does the secure folder have to be unlocked again?

Posted : 04/09/2023 8:41 am