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Can someone help me plz (Vista Question)

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I was trying to install Vista, and after following this instructional video, I can't get the machine to recognize the CD.


Could anyone offer some help please?

Posted : 12/06/2007 9:00 am
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Sounds like a hardware issue! Try this program to evaluate your compatibility. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor 1.0

Posted : 12/06/2007 10:18 am
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I had exactly the same problem. I have 3 different makes of DVD drive, a Sony, a Pioneer and a Samsung (non of these loaded setup during the boot sequence). I did check the bios setting to check the boot sequence, and the DVD drives were in the correct order. (Damn Microsoft x )

The only work around i found to get vista installed was to install a basic copy of Windows XP (if its not already installed), insert the Vista DVD and follow the auto run setup.

If you are installing Vista on a machine and you are going to use that build for investigation, I would reconsider since Vista seems to be prone to bad or no drivers and bad compatibility issues with a lot of software.

Posted : 26/06/2007 2:12 pm
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32 bit or 64?? Sounds more like a mobo issue than DVD drive. I used a fairly inexpensive mobo and had no problems. I have not tried vista on anything other than that particular mobo, maybe somone with more examples can offer their experience.

Posted : 26/06/2007 9:40 pm
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Yeah, i am using an 'ASUS A8N SLI-SE' and my friend who had the same problem was using an ASRock board. have you tried making a the setup boot from a usb drive, that could be another work around

Posted : 26/06/2007 9:46 pm
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