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Hello EveryBody

How are you?

### I am talking for the devices that we don't have passcode.

In Cellebrite for the iPhone devices that are in BFU What is the solutions?

another question is that what is the tech reason that Cellebrite for extraction of iPhones at the first stage recommend to go to the iTunes mode then DFU, Why? (what happened if I don't go to iTunes mode and directly go to DFU mode)

* Is it possible If I separately go to DFU mode then connect it to Cellebrite?

*** I also have Oxygen Detective, Which one is better for iPhones?

### another question is that How can you find out the model of iPhones for example A1386 and etc. because it doesn't write on the back and we don't have the passcode to check?


Posted : 16/09/2021 10:49 am