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Client asking me to delete corporate PII from an Ex employees personal laptop and mobile device

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So, I have a weird one that I have not ran into before.

Client caught employee taking PI through an internal audit Client performs after an employee resigns.

The kicker here is that this is a BYOD company, so the PI was/is presumably on the EX employee personal laptop and/or mobile device.

Client has agreement from Ex employee to provide the two devices for the investigation.

Client has asked that I(the investigator), along with Client and Ex Employee as a witness, delete the PII files from the Ex Employees personal equipment.

This is a new one on me, and I wanted to see if anyone else has run into anything like this.

I will leave this a bit open ended...but anyone else ever run into this?

What are your thoughts?


Topic starter Posted : 15/10/2021 10:16 pm
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Obviously PII should be PI

Topic starter Posted : 16/10/2021 1:51 am
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Do it, I do not see a problem. Do you have a problem with that?
The data belong to the employer and the device to the (ex)employee. 

Delete all data you can find in the normal file system folders and do not forget to check the pst file in case the ex-employee attached some PII to emails. If necessary, delete the pst file, too.

regards, Robin

PS: Download – Eraser ( should do the job and overwriting ONCE is sufficient. Don't choose something like Gutmann (35x) unless you have a lot of time

Posted : 16/10/2021 5:04 pm
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@bunnysniper :)....yea about floored me when they asked....I was like ummm...deer caught in headlights...not sure which way to run or just stand and let the truck hit me.

Topic starter Posted : 16/10/2021 8:25 pm
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