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Creating A Forensic Case Management System  

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Hi am just started my final project on creating a Forensic case management system and i have completely no idea on how to work on the field which is required and other items need as this is not an evidence analysis system but to keep track all type of case and the status of the case and also to generate a report to be submited to the court as per now i have collected some details but i feel that it is not enought.Hope someone can guide with some sample software and some feedback so that i can start to work on this system .

Thank you ?

Posted : 09/10/2008 7:11 pm
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Have you looked at DFLabs Digital Investigation Manager (D.I.M.) ?

There is another piece of software for Law Enforcement only floating around Cybercop portal written by Richard Conover at Miami-Dade P.D.

Computer Sciences Corporation had Case Management software some years ago.

Otherwise just get Virtual Appliance Wiki of your choice at and make it your forensic case management solution. I wrote about this a bit here


Posted : 11/10/2008 3:55 pm