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(Deepfake Detection) I built voice clone detection for audio forensics, can I get some feedback?

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Hi y'all,

I am an AI Engineer, and I started a company called DeepTrust. We are an early stage company looking to build tools to help verify content and identity with deepfake detection. 

I already built a voice clone detection model with a website to upload files to, or even a twitter bot to detect fake voices in twitter videos.

I was looking to find people in the forensics to try it out and give feedback. 

Try it out here (only supports wav files or now), and sign up to request for more access!


Posted : 06/11/2023 8:15 pm
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Also, check out some demos and twitter for more content!

Twitter bot demo

Speech Analysis Demo

Heatmap demo

Posted : 06/11/2023 8:17 pm