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Defining "forensics"  

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Perhaps it is just me (working in the corporate private sector) but I'm seeing the word "forensics" used more & more out of context when discussing computer or digital investigation and analysis.

In many cases its become a verb meaning "to perform an investigation of sorts". Example "I need you do do some forensics on this application log".

I think the majority of people outside of this field is treating it like a buzz word that can get intermingled like the term "cyber security". Its a bit sexy to say "Cyber this" or "forensic that", but doesn't mean much beyond saying "its a tricky techie thing that I don't really understand".

Maybe I'm off the mark on this, but wonder if others are seeing it as well?

Posted : 15/04/2016 9:01 pm
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Posted : 15/04/2016 9:35 pm