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'Dirty Lab' setup?

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I'm creating a lab for 12 HND students to learn digital forensics. I have access to:

- a classroom with 24 seats. Each student has 2 PCs - one locked down college PC, and an unlocked lab PC connected to...

- a server room comprising Cisco lab equipment (plenty of routers and switches) and 4 Dell servers to host VMs (Citrix Xenserver and Hyper-V). Internet access.

Would physical be better than virtual machines? I could do either. 

Students need to learn how to 'forensicate' storage, network devices and a cyberattack.

I'm thinking of using the forensics tools in Kali Linux.

Any thoughts/ideas appreciated!


Topic starter Posted : 28/07/2021 12:32 pm
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Physical machines will be easier.

But I would keep an image of machine setup. There is always "that student" that thinks its fun to monkey with stuff. I have gotten in the habit of just reinstalling the OS and all tools from an image before any instruction.

Posted : 23/08/2021 7:53 pm
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