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Do email clients like Incredimail save all email bodies and headers that are sent to and from it?

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I don’t know much about forensics , so I’m hoping somebody may know this about the email client Incredimail. I’m looking at an old laptop drive that doesn’t boot at home ; and found where Incredimail stored a lot of stuff. The main software has long since been deleted.  

There’s an autosendreceive.log that’s roughly 11,000kb. An address book.log, a Sent items .imm that’s around 352,000 kB among others. 

Should there be a file (whether it be one of these or a different one) that has the full body and/or header info of EVERYTHING sent or received from the client ? Maybe it’s just the sent stuff? I’m not sure where to look or if I need some portable software to see it. 

A couple more questions I was wondering if it would be possible to find out. 

There was a check box setting in the software to block external images and external scripts from running. Would it be possible to find out if those settings were turned on or off?

Would every HTML image loaded from the web be saved as well in here somewhere ? 

thanks for any help !!

Topic starter Posted : 18/07/2021 7:51 am
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