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Hello all,

I am in the habit of buying small used HDD off a local computer store and without any “specific” information to look for I am basically trying to garner as much info on the previous user/company as possible from it.

- surfing habits
- email
- Registry info
- documents, pics, etc.…
- Slack and unallocated space.
- Programs

More or less building of profile (for lack of a better term) of the user and his/her habits, without having much background to start with.

What I am wrestling with is what to include for example in my “personal” notes. The tools I use will have the built in reporting features that cover a good deal of what has been done (hashes, file searches, bookmarked info, screenshots etc…)

In any personal notes should I be including:

- Redundant info already captured by the tool that I might deem a priority?
- Info not captured that may be needed?
- What exactly is the habit of most out there? Something standard or really subjective?
- Would anyone be willing to send me/post an actual example of something they have worked on?

Thanks in advance,

Posted : 02/07/2005 4:50 pm