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E-Crime severity list  

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Hello everybody,

Just writing a project at the moment and I came across an interesting fact. Is there any official list for categorising the e-crimes, based on their severity?
For example a murder related case is much more severe than an intellectual copyrights' violation case!
I looked the websites of the most international organisations and there is no such info. Any idea or suggestion?


Posted : 27/02/2006 4:42 pm
Junior Member

Hey there,

I just tried to find any relevant information, on the web mainly, since there seems to be a gap on this area.
What I found so far was the following website http// , a website devoted to information warfare as it claims. It has a specific article ( http// ) categorising crimes but not in any severity order.

Anyone with physical forensics background that could suggest any readings?

Posted : 11/04/2006 7:21 pm