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E-Discovery and MS OneNote  

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In the world of ediscovery what are some of the best practices regarding preservation and production of Microsoft OneNote. If Legal only wants specific parts of a OneNote notebook is that up to them (typically) or are their good ways to preserve only parts of a onenote file? I'm not that familiar with OneNote.

It seems to me that culling anything out of one note should be done by Legal via their review/redaction tool clearwell.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

We are an Encase shop and only use Enterprise (v6 and 7)

Posted : 22/01/2014 3:51 am
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There is precious little published about OneNote. There is a Dissertation published by Cynthia Gonnella, Utica College posted HERE that is very helpful.

Posted : 22/01/2014 7:02 am