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Situation: Digital Collector AFF4 images (130-185GB in size) of MacOS computers, opened with Inspector v10.4, Hash & Date filtered, the rest of the content is then selected and an export of selected "Files Only" is initialed. The system resources do not appear to be getting used up as there is plenty available RAM, the image is on one drive and the export is being written to another (both USB 3.0/3.1). It has repeatedly failed on Windows Analysis machines and is going super slow on Mac analysis machines (both M1 MacOS 11.5 and Intel MacOS 10.14.6 ~Blacklight recommended, based machines tried), then appears to get stuck around 34%. By 'super slow' before it gets stuck I mean it takes about 30 hours to get to the 30% point. If there's a way to show the data size of the items selected, I haven't found it yet. I just see the number of items selected at the bottom (one was 460K items, the current one is 950K items). Even giving a conservative estimate of the decompressed data size of about 200GB (after filtering the 185GB image), that would mean it is exporting about 2GB/hour until it freezes. 

Has anyone dealt with this & found a solution? So far I've gotten nothing from Cellebrite other than they received the ticket yesterday. I don't know if there is a temp file size limitation setting somewhere that is causing a choke. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Posted : 08/12/2021 4:02 pm
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