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F3, the First Forensic Forum - Call for Speakers 2024 Annual Conference - F3.org.uk

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F3, the First Forensic Forum - Call for Speakers and Members 2024
Annual Conference 2024 - F3.org.uk
F3 is currently planning its internationally recognised UK Digital Forensics Conference, to be held across 3 days in November, 2024.
F3 is an internationally recognised UK based non-profit organisation, established in the early 1990’s, which helps to provide low cost vendor neutral training for digital forensic practitioners. F3 exists to provide an open forum for practitioners, enabling them to share their collective knowledge through discussion, training and networking.
The emphasis of training days, workshops and seminars which F3 holds has always been mainly on the bits and bytes aspects of digital forensics, the latest research and technical solutions. To assist with this effort we frequently draw upon the expertise of member organisations and subject matter experts. Many of them being involved in the analysis of digital evidence of various types, some are also authors and manufacturers of digital forensics tools and solutions.
All members have equal access to all information disseminated by the forum and to all lectures, workshops and training sessions organised by F3. Membership is open to any person or organisation currently active in the field of digital forensics, being drawn from both the public and the private sectors.

New Membership can be obtained here by contacting us at: Membership Signup

The presentation(s) we are calling for are a maximum of 40 mins in length followed by 10 mins Q&A, with typically an audience of about 200+ of our members. Our goal is to ‘shine a spotlight’ on the broad array of new advances in digital forensics science and operations currently adopted by the industry.

Your Digital Forensics work and presentation may be a great addition to our annual event!
If invited to present, you will be the guest of F3 throughout the 3-day conference, with full access to all events and accommodation and meals included.

Expressions of interest to present from anyone doing general research, applying new and novel digital forensics techniques to practical case work and case related research, tool testing etc. are welcome. Please fill out the following form to register you interest:

Form to Submit Talk Information to F3

Posted : 02/03/2024 10:23 am