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Anyone had any experience in analyzing Facebook activity and if it is possible to recover any information from Facebook video calls.

I'm working on a job where it seems all contact has been through video calls on Facebook - (No wall messages or private messages). Is a record kept anywhere of the video calls made and received and who the calls were with?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Posted : 02/07/2013 11:49 pm
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Video calls from a mobile device OR webcam?
I know that http//www.magnetforensics.com/ has a great facebook recovery tool from a computer.
They have a 14 day trail.

If it is a mobile device I would check out the FB database (if iPhone).
I have seen video chat information (user account email address) in this database.
Once you have the email address then type this information into your search part of facebook and it will take you right to the person.

Good Luck!

Posted : 11/07/2013 10:17 pm
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It would have appeared to have been through webcam.

Tried IEF but it didn't recover any artifacts that would related to video calls - it may well be that they never took place though.

thanks for the reply

Posted : 11/07/2013 11:36 pm
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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question, so please feel free to direct me elsewhere if need be.

My 33-year old brother died recently under suspicious circumstances and we are concerned that his spouse may have had something to do with it. My brother had a video chat with a friend of his using the facebook messenger app on his iphone likely minutes or at least within an hour of his death. We need to see the video to see something about the room he died in.

In looking at this topic online, it appears that Facebook doesn't retain this type of data but that it is saved somewhere for buffering purposes. This means that the data is out there somewhere, correct? Does anyone here know how to go about getting it or if that is even possible? This video would provide crucial information that could give our family some answers. Thank you in advance.  

Posted : 13/08/2020 5:05 am