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failed to unlock disk (bitlocker problem)

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I have a problem with unlocking a bitlocker-encrypted drive with TPM 2.0 by running the manage-bde -unlock -password command in safe mode. The disk is locked with a PIN that I know. After entering the PIN, the message "the password failed to unlock volume" is displayed. I do not have a recovery key. The PIN is definitely correct because I logged in using it. After changing the BIOS, I cannot start the system, a recovery key is required. I made a logical copy of the encrypted partition early on. I have access to system files. I cannot find the .BEK file in this partition. Do you have any idea how to unlock the partition and log in to the system?

Posted : 29/03/2024 9:20 am
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Is the disk in the original system with the TPM when you're trying to unlock it? (if not that'll be why)

Was the TPM cleared? (Changes to the BIOS shouldn't necessarily - but obviously could)

Are you using manage-bde -unlock C: -password ? (you didn't mention the drive letter so checking you're pointing it at the right drive letter - whether C: D: or something else)

You don't need to boot the system necessarily to sort it out but you'll need to use it to unlock the disk (if you haven't got a recovery key and can't get one - have you checked online: Finding your BitLocker recovery key in Windows - Microsoft Support )

Posted : 29/03/2024 12:42 pm