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Firewall Log Files - FortiGate  

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Has anyone come across analysing firewall logs from a FortiGate router before? I am trying to ascertain the units measured in the fields 'sent' and 'received' - I would have expected bytes but in the files I am analysing I'm seeing mostly small numbers (e.g. in their hundreds) and the odd one or two large number (in their hundreds of thousands).

So this leaves me with either most are of a size less than a KB, with a few at say 400KB, or less than a MB, with a few at the say 400MB size. I've searched throughout various Fortigate pdf documentations on their logs and can't see the sent/received fields mentioned at all, nevermind what units they could be.

Fortigate support line were no use as I don't own the product myself, I'm just trying to analyse the log files!

Anyone got any experience of what the units would normally be in other firewall log files perhaps?


Posted : 22/12/2014 6:35 pm