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FRED DX issue  

New Member

Hi ,

I have issue in transferring data from my forensic workstation to Linux sever and they have 10GB network card and the throughput don't exceed 2GBps

workstation windows 8.1 and dual xeon cpu and 64 ram
server same the work satin buy the OS is suse Linux .

can any one help me or face this issue before

Posted : 28/04/2019 2:57 pm
New Member

server same the work satin buy

I am not sure I understand this part? Maybe something got lost in google translate.

I just want to point out this is a post for the offtopic section of the forum as I do not see any link with forensics. That being said I will try to troubleshoot a little bit with you. Those are some questions I would ask myself if I wanted to fix this type of issue.

What protocol are you using to make the data transfer? Ftp, Samba, network shared drive? What is the error you receive when you initiate the transfer? Are there any firewall rules that block the inbound traffic? Are the permissions of the user initiating the transfer configured right?

As you can see from my many questions, your problem may be really simple to fix or not. You need to figure out step by step what is not working in your specific case.

Good luck.


Posted : 29/04/2019 1:19 pm