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I am part of a San Diego based E-discovery and digital forensics team and would like to get some feedback on our new and completely free acquisition tool. The tool allows for the user to preserve, hash, and catalog all metadata. Download it here. We appreciate any critiques/suggestions. Thank you!

Posted : 04/09/2020 8:23 am
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Data Acquisition and Presevation with Invendica's Acquisition Tool (IAT™)

About Invendica's Acquisition Tool

IAT™ allows you to run data acquisitions, capture HASH, and elecronically Bates
number native files. We designed this tool to be simple to use and FREE!

Invendica's "IAT™ 2.0"

  • Acquire native documents without the cost and complication of conversion
  • Generates the following HASH values - MD5, SHA1 and SHA_256
  • Automatically build load files in CSV format
  • Acquires and copies selected files to an export folder; assigns a Bates number
    (with user-defined prefix, suffix and ID number per document)
  • Generates general and file-specific metadata
  • Import data from multiple folders into one simple directory


  • A Bates number for computer files
  • capture Hash
  • native documents ... loaded into CSV format
  • General metadata

This is very Attorney centric with no information as to actual forensic capabilities. It seems to be a document management tool.

Posted : 04/09/2020 9:25 pm
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Digital forensics start at the preservation of evidence. Our tool may not be able to dig down and find deleted items, but it allows the user to capture metadata and hash values on a file level to avoid "spoliation of evidence", a massive growing problem with attorneys in the digital litigation world.  


This product was not intended as a document management solution, we provide those services on a separate web based platform. This is a simple tool for file acquisitions to avoid costly sanctions. We have been using Encase and BlackBag for many years, they are wonderful tools but too complex for most of the e-discovery needs of the average attorney. Most cases we have encountered in the last 20 years don’t require the complexity of those platforms. We developed a quick and easy tool that will fit the needs attorneys require to confine to the new rules of e-discovery. We wanted to share this tool to help the community with the basics. 

Posted : 05/09/2020 10:57 pm
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