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How much time processing a computer??  

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I was wondering what an "average" time an examiner spends working a case? I know the answers could be on a broad spectrum, but just looking for basics and to keep it simple for the following size drives for a network intrusion.

The computer is a stand alone computer accessing a network server running w7. Remote access was gained by a remote access program. It's believe usernames and PW were gained through social engineering.

This time does not include imaging or processing by the program. I'm looking for actual sweat hours? You can put between hours, such as 5 to 10 hours 10 to 15….etc.

Less than 100GB Drive = (how many hours spent)
Greater then 100GB but less than 500GB = (how many hours spent)
Greater than 500GB but less than 1TB = (how many hours spent)

Posted : 20/06/2015 7:16 pm