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how to use regular expression on autopsy

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i want to use a regular expression on autopsy to find all entries of (private bank or privates-banks, or *private*bank*) i have used this syntax 

(index.dat | *private*bank*) so is it the correct syntax

thank you

Posted : 10/05/2023 7:41 am
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My reply seems to have been blocked by Wordfence. That's kind of good, as a lack of an answer just may make you avoid using grep.  It unpracticed hands it is like a scalpel of an eye-surgeon: you won't notice that you just cut yourself.

The Autopsy user guide has good advice: "There is some validation on the regex but it's best to test on a sample image to make sure your regexes are correct and working as expected. One simple way to test is by creating a sample text file that your expression should match, ingesting it as a Logical File Set and then running the regex query."

Posted : 10/05/2023 8:21 pm