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I need some help.  

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I'm currently in high school, plan on getting into internet security/computer crime (hopefully, also..not commiting the crimes, but punishing the go do'ers..anyways) that is why I signed up for the forum. That is aside from the point so I won't waste anymore time. I am enrolled in an online course for enrichment at school and im doing a digital technologies course where one of the sections is digital I must record a documentary on a topic of my choice which must be 3 minutes. I want to do the it on the next threat on the internet, do you guys/gals have any suggestions as to what I could include in this audio clip? All suggestions are welcomed and appriciated…thank you.

Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2005 3:37 am
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The ISC ( did their internet storm forecast which might be helpful. Like some of them i'd lean towards blended threats. Worms or mass scanners with a large pool of attack vectors that install rootkits, put up phishing pages, send out spam, and steal information. Recently there was also something about malware holding files hostage. The malware encrypted files or the drive so the user could not access them and demanded a ransom for the decryption key. Could be a variety of things but the article Storm Warnings out at (,295796,sid6_iss526_art1079,00.html )


Posted : 03/06/2005 7:49 am