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[Solved] Imaging a Dell Latitude 9410

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Good morning, I'm currently trying to create a forensic image of a Dell Latitude 9410. I tried using Caine, however, fdisk -l only shows loop0 and the device housing the Caine OS. This issue persisted across paladin and kali forensic mode. There is a previous post suggesting it has to do with the latitude's hard drive being a NVMe/PCIe drive. I have used this process on other devices with NVMe/PCIe drives and had no issues, and the disks were encrypted. The BIOS does not have legacy boot option under Advanced Boot Options, only "Enable UEFI Network Stack". I disabled secure boot. The only other thing I can think of BIOS-wise would be  to disable the TPM in the BIOS? That does not seem right to me though. Does anyone have any solutions or any resources you could point me towards to address this?

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Posted : 04/02/2022 4:39 pm
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Try using DEFT, it added the support for NVME drives a couple of years ago.

I don't know which version of the other tools you have, but I imagine they are on an earlier kernel version without support.

Posted : 07/02/2022 11:38 am
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There is also tsurugi Linux

Posted : 07/02/2022 1:11 pm